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STEMfest 2016

STEMfest Exhibitor Registration

Thank you for participating in NIU's STEMfest 2016. All exhibitors are expected to provide hands-on learning in one or more of the STEM areas.

Here’s what you need to do to register:

1.      Choose the classification that fits your organization.

2.      Determine how much booth space you need.

3.      Specify any additional booth needs.

4.      Enter your contact and payment information.

Register early to make our job easier and your costs lower!
Note that the deadline for inclusion in the printed program is September 20. Fees increase on September 2 and September 20.

By September 1

Sept. 2 – Sept. 20

After September 20

NIU Groups, STEMfest Sponsors








Community Partner 









1 . Choose the classification that fits your organization.

  • NIU affiliated group (NIU College, Department, Student Group, etc.)
  • Event Host or Sponsor (Your organization or corporation has donated $5000.00 or more to support STEMfest.)
  • STEM Outreach Sponsor (Your organization or corporation has donated $10,000 or more to support STEM Outreach or other STEAM Works programming.)
  • Non-profit organization (External to NIU)
  • Community Partner (Your local, for-profit organization or corporation works with STEM Outreach on continuing projects.) Contact Pettee Guerrero for approval.
  • Author/Bookseller  Contact Gillian King-Cargile
  • For-profit  Commercial Exhibitors

Sponsors and NIU registered exhibitors will be contacted by email for the following volunteer information: names, major or job title, and shirt size. Sponsors, NIU faculty, staff, and volunteers whose information we have by September 20 will receive a shirt.

For help identifying your classification, contact Pettee Guerrero at

2. Determine how much booth space you need.

Single booth registration includes the following—

?         10' X 10' space with a 8' tall back drape and 3' high side drape

?         One 8' draped table

?         Two chairs

?         One wastebasket


3. Specify any additional booth needs.

You may request additional space or materials.

The Convocation Center will not have additional chairs or bare tables available the day of the event. You can reserve extra tables and chairs for an additional fee. When ordering additional tables, please remember that you will have one table per 10’X10’ booth space and do NOT include those tables in your request for extra tables.


Groups that order two or more booths will have adjacent spaces that are not divided with internal side draping.

Contact Pettee for help deciding between tables or booths or quantity of either.

Some exhibit space outside of the booth area is available at a similar rate for oversized items. If you plan to bring an oversized item, please contact Pettee for assistance.

Internet Connectivity

Wireless internet is available for all exhibitors at STEMfest. If you do not possess NIUwireless credentials, choose the NIUguest network. You will need to accept the terms and conditions before you can navigate the internet freely. You may be required to launch your web browser.

4. Enter your contact and payment information.


The charge to your credit card will appear on your statement as NIU Outreach, DeKalb IL

Cancellation/Refund Policy for Exhibitors: NO REFUNDS will be processed after payment is received.

Remember to register as early as possible to secure the best price and conditions for your organization.
The deadline for inclusion in the printed program is September 20.

You may re-enter the registration site to add names of booth representatives or add lunches at a later time if you do not have that information available on your original registration.  You must login using the same email address and password that you used when you first placed your order.

To keep these instructions visible while registering, right click on the link and open it in a new window.

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