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2016 LSAT Test Prep, Fall 2016

Location:  Northern Illinois University
                    Swen Parson Hall, Room 150
                    DeKalb, IL 60115
Dates and Times:
November 5: Analytical Reasoning  , 9 am-1 pm., SP 150
November 5: Logical Reasoning , 2-6 pm, SP 150
November 19: Reading Comprehension & Writing Sample, 9 am-1 pm, SP 150
November 19: Analytical Reasoning II & Logical Reasoning II, 2-6 pm, SP 150

Review Segments:
Reading ComprehensionThis section of the test measures your ability to understand what you read.  The LSAT Review instructor will guide you with certain techniques to enhance your knowledge and insight.
Logical Reasoning:  The review of logical reasoning will help you identify conclusions, discover hidden assumptions, and critically evaluate the strengths or weaknesses of an argument.
Analytical Reasoning:  If you don't have a strategy, this section of the test will be difficult--if not impossible.  In this part of the review, you will learn strategies for diagramming and coding conditions to solve problems and draw correct conclusions.
Writing Sample:  You will be given a system for generating ideas on a surprise topic, so you can skillfully express and support the position you take.
NOTE: Registration for the test review course does not include your registration for the exam.
Attend each session and you may repeat the review FREE for any reason (such as a change in your date to take the test, etc.).
NOTE:  We also have an ONLINE test review available.  For details:
Tuition includes comprehensive workbook, several actual previous tests, and a CD-ROM.
Please note that the charge to your credit card will appear on your statement as "NIU Outreach, DeKalb, IL".
Cancellation Policy:  If you cancel, you must cancel at least seven working days before the review to receive a refund.  If so, we will refund all fees, minus a $50 cancellation fee. Cancellations must be received in writing.  Fax to 815-753-6900 or e-mail

Map/Driving Directions:  To view a map and/or driving directions, click the link below. If you experience a problem, type this address into your internet browser.